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h i r e      r u b i o

W h o l e   V e n u e

rubio is available for private hire, birthdays, gathering and parties. Our award-winning pizza chef serves for dinner fresh pizzas on sourdough bread. We organise "Make Your Own Pizza" kids parties with the chef himself. We have a DJ booth, smoke machine and disco ball at customer disposition for kids birthday parties.  

As we have an 11PM alcohol license,  rubio is perfect for cocktails parties or private dinner events. The venue has a Studio Quality Sound System to play music and the terrace outside is a perfect smoking area.

Floorspace: 80sqm

Capacity: 32 seated - 50 standing

V i n y l   R o o m

For smaller events you can hire and privatise the Vinyl Room only. With a smaller capacity and quite separated from the other room, you can hire your space for private events, business meetings or parties. 

We have a DJ booth, smoke machine and PA system in the venue to play music. In the Vinyl room we are really proud of our Vinyl wall giving a cosy atmosphere to your event. 

Floorspace: 30sqm

Capacity: 17 seated - 25 standing

O u t d o o r   A r e a

rubio's terrace is perfect to install pop-up store and distribute/ sell products. The sun and daylight remains all day on the outdoor area. We organise flower pop ups on fridays and would be happy to have more outside activities, especially during summer days. 

We are situated on one of Harlesden/ Willesden main roads and quite a fair amount of people are passing by.

Floorspace: 25sqm

Capacity: 20 seated - 30 standing

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